Thursday, 10 July 2014

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Android Powered Nokia Lumia Coming Soon  says +@evleaks .We all know how reliable is evleaks when it come to leaks.So what does it actually mean? Lumia from Nokia till now are all high-end Smartphones
 So we can expect this upcoming phone tobe a Android flagship from Nokia by Microsoft.Here's the tweet from evleaks.

Later Evleaks also tweeted if an android powered Lumia is coming, this doesn't mean this is the end of Windows Phone.Here's the tweet

Nokia recently released Nokia X XL XPlus but all three was entry level smarphone but this is a big news for Nokia lovers who are willing to get their hands on high-end Android Smartphone from Nokia. Cross your fingers Nokia might suprise you soon.

What if Nokia release a android flagship? Will you buy it? Dont forget to give us your feedback.


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