Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Prices of Smartphones are coming down in Pakistan.Rupee getting stronger with decreasing of dollar making all the differences.I won't discuss the dollar rates here but at the end decreasing price of dollar is the only one reason which is actually good for us.Lets take a look at new prices

QMobile the leading selling mobile phone brand price are also reducing. The phone with most stable prices since the date they were available including the Noir Z4,Noir Z4mini,Noir Z3,Noir A900 are coming down as well.Anyhow here's the new prices of QMobile Noir SmartPhone Series.

QMobile Noir Z4

Old Price = 35,000Rs
New Price  = 33,500Rs

QMobile Noir Z4 mini

Old Price = 28,500Rs
New Price  = 26,000Rs

QMobile Noir Z3

Old Price = 26,500Rs
New Price  = 23,500Rs

QMobile Noir A900

Old Price = 22,500Rs
New Price  = 20,900Rs

QMobile Noir V5

Old Price = 32,500Rs
New Price  = 28,500Rs

QMobile Noir V4

Old Price = 29,500Rs
New Price  = 26,500Rs

QMobile Noir A700

Old Price = 21,500Rs
New Price  = 20,000Rs

Samsung the second most selling brand in Pakistan prices are also dropping.The newly dropped prices are

Samsung Galaxy S4

Old Price = 62,000Rs
New Price  = 58,000Rs

Samsung Galaxy S3

Old Price = 42,000Rs
New Price  = 33,900Rs

Samsung Galaxy S duos 2

Old Price = 20,000Rs
New Price  = 18,000Rs

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3

Old Price = 23,900Rs
New Price  = 20,500Rs

Samsung Galaxy Core

Old Price = 24,500Rs
New Price  = 23,500Rs

This is all for now stay tuned with AndroidsPakistan we will keep you updated with the new prices of more phones.Dont forget to tell us which phone you are thinking to buy.


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