Monday, 9 September 2013

Monday, September 09, 2013

 In case someone's phone locked, screen PIN PASSWORD or PATTERN is forgotten and unluckily mobile DATA connection is OFF while phone is asking to sign in Google account to get back phone unlocked, then don't worry DATA connection still can be enabled.

The guide below is only for those users who have

  1. Rooted mobile
  2. USB debugging enabled

already if such situation has arisen.


1. USB data cable
2. Windows PC
3. Your phone drivers installed on PC and device is detected by Windows
4. ADB tools
5. Rooted phone
6. Android Debugging enabled


1. Download ADB tools from Here
2. Extract any where in PC.
3. Connect phone to PC via USB cable
4. Press SHIFT button on keyboard, place mouse arrow on fastboot folder and right click there, select OPEN COMMAND WINDOWS HERE
5. In command Window type,

"adb devices" without quotes

And hit ENTER key. Some random digits will appear which is confirmation that device is detected by ADB.

6. Now type this command,

adb shell su -c "svc data enable"

Press ENTER key.

This will enable phone DATA connection. Now you can sign in Google account and Congratulations you have unlocked your device/

For knowledge, adb command to disable DATA connection from PC,

adb shell su -c "svc data disable"

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