Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday, March 22, 2013

  Recently released QMobile Noir A7 is found to be Fly IQ440 Energie.So QMobile rebranded A7 from a company called Fly.Fly is not a Chinese company rather it is a European Company(Probably Russian).So QMobile are not only importing and rebranding mobiles from China they are doing it worldwide.The only difference between Noir A7 and Fly IQ440 Energie is the OS fly used ICS in their model while QMobile launched it with JB.Noir A7 has a good price range,comes with JB,has good resolution but it has a big disadvantage in camera.It has Fixed Focus camera with no flash.So lets see could the next Noir make a place in the pockets of Pakistani consumers.Give your views about the phone in the comments and share with us what you think good and bad things of this phone are?


  1. It is possible that qmobile delayed the date of JB release for previous Noir series to have this A7 more market, if qmobile release JB for noir A8 and A10 than price of A7 will decrease.

  2. Might be but some of the Noir devices e.g A8 had been upgraded to JB before the launch of A7.

  3. You can get it from any QMobile Outlet...