Thursday, 3 July 2014

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Google recently released Android L and released the developer preview version of Android L which is available for Nexus devices for now, Thaks to Chrisch1974 who pulled out the keyboard and modiefed it as a stand alone App.No Root Required. Get the Android L keyboard for free from Playstore by Clicking Here


The keyboard from the Android L Developer Preview, modified to run as a standalone app by Chrisch1974 and I. Free, no ads, no bloat. No root required. Old users who can't change to Material may need a reinstall. To show Emojis button, hold down Enter key.
>Special Permissions explained
-Network access: Syncs dictionary
-Can read what you type: it's a keyboard, if you want it to be able to add things to the user dictionary then you need this.
-Reads personal info & contacts: Allows the keyboard to automatically add contact names to type suggestions.
Still paranoid? Here's the diff log against the keyboard directly pulled from the official keyboard from factory images:
Feel free to check for yourself.


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