Saturday, 7 June 2014

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Apple unveiled their new iOS 8 on monday at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Apple even stated the new iOS 8 as the biggest change in the history of Apple world.Well the biggest change isn't any threat for the Android users as all the features are already avaialble in Android since a very long time. So what are these new features Apple claim to the biggest change in Apple History.

iCloud Photo Library

Apple introduces the improved iCloud photo library which automatically sync your photos and videos upto 5GB for free on cloud which canbe acces form any of your device.Earlier user's can only store 1000 photos for 30 days.
This features in available in Android from years. Using the Google+ Photos users can store unlimited photos on it.

iCloud Drive

More on iCloud Apple introduces the iCloud Drive which is still limited to 5GB but never know the point when apple and android user's already have google drive which gives you free storage upto 15GB.


Finally Apple introduces the widget in iOs 8 but unlike android these are just basic widgets and can only be accesed from pull down center

Interactive Notifications

Now iPhone user's have the Interactive Notifications.Can reply directly from the notification no need to launch the App but nothing new for android.This feature is also available in Android.Even on Cyanogen Mode we can directly call or message from the notication area.

Quick Type

Apple Introduces the Quick-Type in the new iOS 8.The new Quick-Type will learn from your writing and support third part Keyboards.Nothing new here too you this features is availabe from very back in android and we can use third party Keyboard like the swype.

Hey Siri

Apple also introudues the improved siri with HEY Siri feature which will allow you to comnunicate with your phoe without touching it. Still Nothing new here the we alrady have Ok Google.


Apple also introuduces a new feature called test flight which will let you use beta version of Apps. it's a good feature but we have that too from years.

Apps Previews

Apple introduces the App reviews which will let you see a demo video before buying or installing a game or App and yet again we have that from years.


iMessage voice and video will let you send voice and video messages but who cares we already have whatsApp or SnapChat for that.which allow us to send voice and video messages,pictures and location.

So the biggest change in the history of Apple doesn't make any sense to me. Being a pro android user's i have been using all these featues from years and there is nothing convincing or new that make think i should switch from Android to Apple.Dont forget tell us your thoughts and even dont forget to tell us if it was biased post.


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