Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specifications are Leaked. it is little bit early as expected but someone got eyes on Galaxy Note 4.Thanks to a japanese site for the leaks.It is speculated that note 4 will come with a 2K resolution screen the size is still unknow, will feature a 64Bit processor and will become the first android smartphone to run on 64Bit processor coupled with 20nm 4GB of Ram and will also be the first device to run a 4GB of Ram, 128GB of memory on board and is expected it willbe running on Android 4.5 with 3800mAh of battery on the back and will be unveiled at Google I/O that will be held in the month of June 2014.
It is also rumored to have a 4G and dual band Wi-Fi network and tobe IP67 certified for water and dust resistance.The device is speculated it willbe price less than $800 and willbe unveiled in late august or early september.This is all for now.Stay tuned with us and we will keep you updated with this beast.


  1. Hey that will b fun. I have a900. After reading ur article now thinking to get those controllrs. Can u tell its price?

  2. i dont remember i got it for lyk maybe 3500...

  3. My cousin bought a z4 and i got to use it for a day, The biggest negative of z4 which i felt was the touch responsiveness, my old s2 has a far better responsive screen than the z4, also i found the UI was laggy, so laggy that it was annoying. Also it didn't feel like a premium device while holding in hand, the plastic felt very cheap to hold unlike Samsung's. Even huawei g610 feels better when holding it in hand and its screen is also better in rensponse.

    But the 32 gigs of internal memory and both the cameras were definitely impressive.

  4. Which phones have USB otg, I'm very needing of that

  5. i will go to the market in a couple of days,i heard that G6 is not currently available in the market,if I can find it then I will buy it otherwise i will go for A550 or A20,which is better between A550 and A20?? both are almost the same in everything but A550 is a new model

  6. i am currently using z4, i have used s3, u r right about the display, s3 is more crispier, z4 display is surely less than 300ppi, i want to test the ppi of z4, but how can i, is there any app which can tell,
    but other than that, its performance is same, not laggy, but if u run alot of apps simultaneously, even s5 will be laggy, for the apps under its resources, it runs smoothly, one other negative point to have a kitkat update.which will never be, cox its a local brand and they dont care about those, who already bought their product

  7. Plz tell me that which one of the following is best?

    1.)Samsung Galaxy S3
    2.)Iphone 4s
    3.)Qmobile Noir Quatro Z4