Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A day before skype for android got the new 4.7 update.Skype promised that the new update willl give you aggresive battery life improvement that will allow you to run skype on the background. Skype says  that for better battery managment is acquired by sacrificing instant group chat notifications which is switched off by default.Skype says that after some time they will bring back the notifications when it will somehow not impact the battery drainage. After then users will be able to get the group messages instantly.
If group messaging is very important for you then you can switch the notification on by  Settings > Notifications > and check the Sync group messages in the background box.

Whats new in the new update except battery improvement 

  • Aggressive battery savings
  • Workaround for the KitKat bug which caused a runaway process when the camera was synced in the background.
  • Fix for audio and video calling on tablets that do not have Bluetooth.
  • Now lists your Windows Live Messenger contacts in the Skype (default) view, not just the All contacts view.
  • Improved audio handling: Alerts and calls will now play through the correct speakers or Bluetooth devices.
  • Recording video messages will work better on certain Samsung phones.
  • Additional incoming call and accessibility improvements.
  • Improved Video Instant Messaging functionality overall, including fixes on latest Samsung phones
  • Added compatibility for the Hudl tablet
  • Fixed crashes on the Nexus 5
  • Drop down filter selections on the people tab are now persistent
  • Picture-in-Picture lets you see your video call even when you switch to other apps.
  • Lots of contacts? Simply pinch your contact list to zoom out to an alphabet, then tap a letter to zoom in.
  • General fixes and performance improvements for all users
  • Video messaging compatibility fixes
Download Skype 4.7 from the Google Play Store and test it out and dont forget to tell us that it really saves the battery like they promised or not.


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