Friday, 8 November 2013

Friday, November 08, 2013

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QMobile Noir  Z4 is now officailly launced by QMobile.On Sep 29 we told you QMobile is upto Something better then ever and today the Noir Z4 is officaill by QMobile.Prediction come true like many earlier times.Price is still not Confirmed keep in touch with we will keep you updated...

Uni-body Design

5 Inch FHD Display & Narrow Edges 2.54mm super narrow edge design

Combination of Technology and Handcraftsmanship

Manufactured by a combination of Computerized Numerical Control Technology and Hand-polished craftsmanship, Noir Quatro Z4 brings you the precision of a machine and the delicacy of Hand Craftsmanship.
CNC Technology used in 67 different places.
Its hand-polished sides gives it its seamlessly smooth finish, enabling it to stand up by itself.

Light Weight

A phone filled with powerful apps weighting at only 128g

Stronger Performance

Quad Core 1.5GHz CPU 
Operate multiple applications, games, videos without delay
Large Storage for all your pictures, videos, songs and more
Support HQ videos, operate large 3D comes with ease

Motion Sensing Technology / Gesture Control

Motion Sensing Dial 
Enter SMS/contact/call records interface and call automatically
by raising phone to ear 
Motion Sensing Pickup 
Answer calls automatically by raising phone to ear
Motion Sensing Alarm 
Flip phone to enter snooze mode
Shake To Answer 
Answer incoming calls by shaking the phone
Gesture Video Control 
Video automatically play/pause when movement of head is detected;
Adjust volume control through upward/downward     sweeping motion
Gesture Photo Control 
Flip between pictures by a left/right sweeping motion
Gesture Answering Control
Answer/Hangup incoming calls by an upward/downward sweeping motion 

Heartbeat Synchronizing Technology 

Heartbeat Synchronizing Technology enables the system to synchronously wake up applications every ten minutes, thus reducing the number of application wake ups and decreases power consumption.
A white list is automatically created to ensure essential applications can be waken up at any time.
Content Adaptive Backlight Control
CABC Technology allows the system to automatically adjust screen brightness according to the content on the display to maximize the reduction of power consumption. 
Saving up to 30% in power

Amigo Operation System

An operating system designed specifically for your needs, including motion sensing control, gesture control, voice control, safety features and more.

Amigo Camera

 Noir Quatro Z4 innovative camera technology redefines how photos are meant to be captured. With the goal to make life better through technology,  Noir Quatro Z4 camera sports the second generation of Backside Illumination Technology, antireflection coatings,anti-fingerprint film and finishes off with 5 layers of blue glasses.


  1. This flagship would be priced over 40k .

  2. 35k is the expected price and well iam impressed!!!

  3. Have 3g or only 2g

  4. i heared its priced at only 29.5k

  5. it is single sim cell phone not dual.... if it has 35k PKR market price then i do believe that it is much enough then the technology it has..... well looks better .... it must be around 25k PKR... i hope i have it one day.... :)

  6. expected price is 29.5k or might be 35k can't say anything but well this is a piece of perfection from QMobile