Monday, 5 August 2013

Monday, August 05, 2013

*8 shortcuts in lock screen
*awesome theme with SMAiL UI
*Removed airplane mod toggle

microfire.air=1   # enable or disable
*tun able status bar clock : second and am/pm
*open build.prop edit 1:yes 0:no

Code:  # am/pm   #seconds
*disbale lockscreen expansion
Code:  #expansion of status bar in lockscreen
*transparency in status bar
microfire.transparency=0   #Transparency of status bar
*Lock screen transparency
*Full clarity contacts photo for in call screen
*volume rocker mod
*4.2 quick panel
*Auto start Manager
*MiUI Animations
*New Roboot font
*Expanded power menu
*Long press recovery for soft reboot
*New themed contacts
*Full screen picture
*Themed mms
*Bubbles like conversation
* New settings added to mms
* Microfired recents panel (media player / brightness slider)
*Awesone status bar icons
*Auto hide network indicator is there is no signal
*USB activity rethemed
*New settings in browser
*new file explorer, blacked out version of mtk explorer by me
*Hide notification icons in lockcsreen
*More station in FM
* MMS apk : smiley recognize  as  and all with / without nose "-" recolonization
*Themed phone apk
*Blacked out contacts by mee.
*sms popup feature
*Removed airplane mod from toggles
*lidroid toggles
*conversation screen number overlap fix
*tabbed settings, (back button fix will be given soon)
*5 row gallery
*themed music
*extra font size
*removed % from battery
*removed annoying over voltage sound
*build.prop tweaks are added for performance
*new themed calculator by me
*USSD sound removed
*Aroma installer
*well almost all apps themed.



I faced a problem using this Rom when you are in settings back button does not works.


I did not port this Rom, i just shared this rom with you, this rom is orignally for Mmx A110 so it works fine on Qmobile A10 and A8, All the credit goes to akash akya for this Rom.

HERE is the link for the orignal xda thread.


This is not a full rom you have to install this zip over a stock rom, And if you want to try it over your any current rom installed on your phone, try it at your on risk.
Download the zip and install it through CWM Recovery and wipe delvik cache.

Another amazing feature of this Rom is CRT Off animation i love it.
Click HERE to download this mod and flash it using CWM recovery and only flash it over this Rom. And i think it only works for Qmobile A10.


  1. Flashable zip is for both a8 and a10???

  2. can we flash this over jmp jb rom and stock ics rom???

  3. can we flash over stock ics and jmp jelly bean rom???

  4. installed on A8 with Microfire v3.1, working great and it's awesome... Thanx Androidspakistan team.

  5. Please if you have any ROM for QA50 then give me the link

  6. There is a big bug, when the phone is idle and locked, suddenly after sometimes the lcd lights up and remain lighted till we unlock the phone and lock it again, it greatly eats battery! Has any one of u also encountered this bug?