Saturday, 27 July 2013

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The most epic thing ever happened in the history!! Now transform Your Device into Ultimate Gaming Console with the help of GameKlip.Get the most epic experience of gaming on your Android Device whether it is a phone or tablet the gameKlip works with both of can buy the GameKlip from there site for only 19.95$ that is approximatley only 2000Rs.The perfect thing so cheap iam gona buy this soon INSHALAAH give your feedbacks about the GameKlip..

About The GameKlip

The GameKlip attaches your Android phone or tablet to a DualShock3 controller,used for the PlayStation3. This allows you to use a real controller to play your games on your smartphone. It opens the Android platform up to more than just "casual" gaming with touch screen controls, and really gives you a full console experience at a fraction of the cost. 

Is my phone compatible with a Dualshock3 controller?

The GameKlip only mounts your Android device on your controller. There is no connectivity software included with the GameKlip. To pair my controller with my phone wirelessly, I used an app called "Sixaxis Controller," by Dancing Pixel Studios, available on Google Play. Unfortunately not all phones are compatible and root access is currently required for wireless connections. Make sure to try the "Sixaxis Compatibility Checker" to see if your phone is compatible before buying. If the compatibility checker says you don't have root access, for a wireless connection

For More detail Visit the Official Site of GameKlip